These are some of our most frequently asked questions.
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Does it take long to learn how to use JobTarget?

No! Using JobTarget is easy and intuitive, so you will be able to start seeing the advantages immediately. You can post your jobs to many different sites with ease. No more having to register at job sites or having to key in the same job data over and over. JobTarget keeps all of your online recruiting centralized and reduces the administrative work dramatically.

How does payment work?

Payments are made per transaction by credit card. So if you post to multiple job boards in one transaction, all of the media can be paid in one payment. We also offer the option for a monthly consolidated invoice to qualified clients.

How will I know which sites to use?

Our intelligence from over 15 years in business and over 100 million job postings we’ve delivered makes recommendations based upon the kind of role you are looking to fill. In addition, our team is always available to provide support and help you craft your recruiting strategy.

What is Auto-Optimized Job Posting (Programmatic)?

Auto-Optimized job postings, also referred to as Programmatic, is our system that automatically and actively manages your job posting campaign for you. It analyzes each job posting, seeing if where it’s posted is driving the right candidates. If it determines a posting isn’t performing well, it shifts budgets to other sites that will. Our clients love this service as it frees them from the manual work of having to analyze and manage each of their postings.

How do I get all of my jobs on the site?

JobTarget can connect right to your own career site and pull in all of your jobs automatically so you don’t need to manage your jobs in multiple places. Don’t have a career site? Contact us and we can help with that too.

Do you work with my ATS?

JobTarget works with many of the leading ATS vendors. For a list of our current ATS vendors, visit our Integrations page. If you don’t see your ATS listed there, we can provide our services to build a custom integration for you, and bring your jobs into our system.

Can JobTarget support our OFCCP compliance strategy?

We sure can. We are trusted by hundreds of leading federal contractors to support their compliance efforts. From posting on the right sites to attract candidates to verification and reporting, our platform helps you stay compliant and maximize your diversity recruitment success.

Can you connect me to college and University job sites?

There are over 25,000 job sites in the JobTarget Marketplace, including thousands of colleges and universities to choose from.

Are you guys hiring?

Most likely. Check out our Careers page to see the latest openings.