Integrations Made Easy

At its heart, JobTarget is a partnership company. We have partnered with thousands of job sites to open up new pools of talent to our customers. Likewise we have partnered with the leading ATS vendors to create a seamless workflow and experience for recruitment. While we have our pre-built standard integrations listed here, we can work with you no matter what ATS you use.

Easy Integration With Your ATS

We integrate with the leading Applicant Tracking Systems on the market and can customize an integration for almost any system.

Don't see your ATS here, or don't have an ATS? Don’t worry! JobTarget can be used as a standalone system, can integrate with any ATS, or we can provide a simple, FREE ATS for you.


Join the JobTarget Partner Ecosystem

If you are a job site, ATS vendor, or another vendor in the HR Tech industry, we would be happy to discuss partnership opportunities. Please contact us here.